The Spiritual Power Of 'Resting Your Eyes'

Take a nap today. You deserve to “rest your eyes,” not because you’ve worked hard and earned it but because rest is divinely yours.

The Spiritual Power Of 'Resting Your Eyes'
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For generations, our elders have known the power of “resting their eyes.” Sleep is more than just preparing ourselves for the next day. 

Beyond the health benefits of sleeping, like mood boosts, heart health, and fighting germs, there are spiritual benefits to being well-rested, too. The grind culture that fuels our current world shames rest, but resting is an intentional practice that allows us to quiet ourselves before the Most High, reviving our minds, bodies, and spirits. 

Ancestrally, we know that powerful things happen when we close our eyes. In Hoodoo, dreams are a portal that allows us to connect with ancestors and visions of the future, like fish dreams that have been said to predict pregnancy. 

Like Harriett Tubman, who was known to fall into deep slumbers and have vivid dreams with messages to free her people, we must understand that resting our eyes is crucial to spiritual wellness and liberation. 

Sleep isn’t something we have to work ourselves to the bone to earn; despite what the systems around us say, it’s God-given. It is ours to take. So sleep and rest as you desire because you are divinely deserving.

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