How Harriet Tubman Turned Her Vivid Dreams Into Reality

Araminta’s injury was decades ago, but instead of returning to haunt her, it gave her prolific visions strong enough to manifest her dreams into reality.

How Harriet Tubman Turned Her Vivid Dreams Into Reality
Via Wikimedia Commons

“No!” Araminta screamed, refusing to help hold down another enslaved person so the enslaver could beat him. She turned and ran as if her life depended on it, never looking over her shoulder.

And then it hit her.

He’d hurled a two-pound weight striking her in the head. Araminta collapsed, and although it took a while, she eventually recovered. But later, something was different about her.

Araminta grew up to be Harriet Tubman, and she was known for falling into a deep sleep in the middle of a conversation – it was one hell of a superpower.

Tubman’s slumber was more than a nap; She tapped into a profound dream space. And when she awoke, Tubman often spoke of hearing angels or feeling like she was floating above the Earth.

She believed these were divine dreams that God was using to guide and urge her to do right by his will to help free enslaved people. Tubman’s injury was violent anti-Blackness, but she and spirit turned her pain into purpose.

We all experience signs from spirit. They may come as dreams, visions, or whispers from God and our ancestors. We must not let these nudges from our intuitions pass us by. How can you put your dreams to work to manifest your vision into reality?

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