How To Use The Energy Of Mercury Retrograde For Good

You are the steward of your life. Even during challenging times, it’s possible to find goodness. Here’s how to use chaotic experiences to strengthen your spiritual connections.

How To Use The Energy Of Mercury Retrograde For Good
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Our people have been using the stars for guidance for centuries. Astronomy technology from Ancient Kemet is the foundation of astrology as we know it today. Many also followed the stars to escape enslavement. 

Mercury Retrograde is a popular explanation for chaotic times, but here's how we can use it to our spiritual advantage. 

Mercury is moving backward when retrograding, but in reality, it doesn't. The optical illusion is that modern astrologers consider a hectic time for communication and travel. 

The period, which is happening from December 13 to January 1,  is not ideal for critical decision-making or sensitive communication. But it is the perfect time to care for ourselves even more than usual. 

During a retrograde, take extra caution when communicating with those you love. Consider your and others' feelings before taking action — check in with yourself about what your spirit needs during this time. 

Reach for a protective crystal, like Amazonite, known for its balancing properties and ability to neutralize energy during strained communication. Mercury Retrograde is the ideal time to strengthen relationships by being openhearted and honest. 

We all deserve peace of mind, even during difficult times. Leaning into the natural world around us is the way of our ancestors. 

How can you use Mercury Retrograde to deepen your connections to Spirit, yourself, and your community?

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