How To Build An Altar That Helps Make Your Dreams A Reality

Close your eyes and imagine your dream world. What does it look like? Feel like? What does it taste, smell, and sound like? All of it is possible through intentional altar work. Here’s how to create your own.

How To Build An Altar That Helps Make Your Dreams A Reality
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What dreams are you working toward? A dream altar is a tangible place for your dreams to live as you focus your energy and intentions on actualizing them. 

Here's how to create a dream altar. 

Choose An Altar Place 

The right place for your dream altar is up to you. Depending on what feels good and your intentions, a bedroom or office can work, but any private and quiet space is a good place to consider. 

Allow your intuition to guide you when choosing a place for your altar. 

Cleanse Your Space

Before creating your altar, it's essential to cleanse the area where it'll live. Use white sage, incense, Florida water, or sound bowls to diffuse any negative energy. 

Add To Your Altar 

Fill your altar with items that make you feel connected to your wildest dreams. For candles, choose colors associated with your dreams, like green for manifesting abundance. 

Add crystals like angelite to help you connect spirit guides and ancestors who are assisting with your dream making. Consider adding flowers, handwritten petitions with your dreams, and affirmation cards that reflect your desires.  

Spend Time At Your Altar 

Like anything we work toward, spending time at your altar is necessary. What are you dreaming of? It's time to get intentional about making your dreams come true. 

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