The Spiritual Cleansing Tool Our People Have Used For Generations

Take a second to breathe. Unclench your jaw and drop your shoulders. You deserve to take things easy, and if anything feels misaligned, this spiritual tool is the trick to get back to your balance.

The Spiritual Cleansing Tool Our People Have Used For Generations
Via Wikimedia Commons

A citrusy blend of lemon, orange, and lavender essential oils, Florida Water is a soothing cologne that our people across the diaspora love. From Santeira to Hoodoo, spiritualists recommend using the solution in many powerful ways.  

If you need a mood boost, apply Florida Water to your neck, wrists, chest, and neck to recenter your calm. It’s a simple trick for calming anxiousness or refreshing yourself on a hot day. 

Ancestors help guide our way, but the paths to connect with them must be clear. Wipe your altar clean using Florida Water or place a glass to clear the air of any static to allow for uninterrupted connection to your dearly departed. 

When anyone enters our homes, and when we re-enter, we’re introducing outside energies. To purify your home, mix Florida Water with basil to cleanse floors, windows, and doorways with blessings of protection and prosperity. 

Protecting your energy is mandatory, and Florida Water is one of the most spiritually powerful tools we can use. How will you choose to protect your peace today?

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