How Honey And Black-Eyed Peas Can Help You Manifest Your Desires

You deserve to live a life of abundance, prosperity, and alignment, and leaning into these four ancestral practices could help you manifest it all this holiday season and beyond.

How Honey And Black-Eyed Peas Can Help You Manifest Your Desires
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The holidays are a potent time to embrace the power to manifest your desired realities. Here's how Hoodoo can help. 

Prosperity Peas 

Black-eyed peas are one of the diaspora's culinary connectors. On African soil, we ate them in stews and soups. The pea crossed the Atlantic on ships, laced between cornrows, and ended up on our plates here, too. 

They've long been considered a symbol of wealth. On New Year's Eve, lean into the Southern tradition of eating Hoppin' John for prosperity. Or carry the pea for good luck as you move through the world. For an additional taste of history, have an apple or orange on Christmas day, as enslaved people did. 

Sweet Manifestations 

For generations, we've used honey jars to set positive intentions. The old magical practice uses herbs and sweeteners like honey and sugar and infuses prayer into the jar to help manifest desires. 

Ancestor Projects 

The holidays are the perfect time to work on ancestor projects such as transcribing family recipes, creating an altar, or photocopying old pictures. 

Trust The Signs 

An old Hoodoo saying goes, "A white Christmas, a lean graveyard. A Green Christmas, a fat graveyard." Our folks have always trusted nature, and a snowy holiday indicated goodness to come, while a green Christmas might've meant things weren't in alignment. 

How can you use this ancestral knowledge to manifest your year ahead?

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