6 Different Altar Practices To Help Manifest Your Desires

Are you seeking love? Manifesting a specific dream? Wishing for creative inspiration? Wanting to bask in abundance? All of this is possible through intentional altar work.

6 Different Altar Practices To Help Manifest Your Desires
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Love Altar: Love is a verb to be exercised and an energy to be manifested. Whether we’re seeking romantic, communal, or self-love, love exists for each of us. 

Pleasure Altar: Rest, laughter, hobbies, sex, creativity, solo dates, and community care are all examples of pleasure. Building an altar dedicated to your pleasure lets Spirit know you’re ready to receive it. 

Prosperity Altar:  Prosperity is about cultivating abundance. Having faith in the power of abundance is necessary for Black liberation. Abundance holds space for infinite possibilities. 

Gratitude Altar: Just like us, Spirit needs their flowers from time to time. A gratitude altar gives thanks to the universe, which is key for manifesting abundance. 

Dream Altar: What dreams are you working towards? A dream altar provides a tangible place for your dreams to live as you focus your energy and intentions on actualizing your dreams. 

Creativity Altar: Creative energy is divine. We don’t have to identify as artists to be creative. A creativity altar helps us tune into strong universal energies and communicate with Spirit.

How you design your altar is your choice. Seeking romantic love? Use rose quartz. Expressing gratitude? Write a letter and place it on your altar. 

Whatever your design, just be sure your intentions and offerings are clear. What would you like to intentionally manifest in your life and those around you? 

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