What Our Ancestors Knew About The Power Of Dreams

Close your eyes. Can you remember your last dream? What could it have meant? Our people have always believed in the power of dreams. Here’s what ancestral history reveals about the meanings of dreams.

What Our Ancestors Knew About The Power Of Dreams
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 The dreamspace is full of signs and messages. Some dreams indicate that God is urging you to make the next move, or an ancestor could be sending you crucial messages. Dreams are a powerful portal that we've been tapped into for as long as time. 

Historically, interpretations of dreams have varied across Africa’s regional and ethnic groups. The Zulu people, for example, believed that ancestors revealed themselves to their descendants through dreams.

The Zulu thought ancestors entered the mouths of their sleeping descendants to bring good news. When people didn't dream, they worried that their ancestors had lost interest in them. 

The Berti of Sudan kept their dream interpretations close to their hearts, believing they shouldn't be widely shared. One common belief was that dreaming of goats was a portent of wealth and prosperity. 

We brought this deep belief in the power of dreams across the Atlantic. In Hoodoo, fish dreams are a sign of a pregnancy in the family. Profound dreams, interpreted as messages from God, urged Harriet Tubman to help free so many enslaved people. Our dreams have helped us get free. 

We've always known how to dream. How can you tap into this ancestral gift and use your dreams for the collective good of our people? Dream big. 

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