What The Bible Reveals About Racial Injustice Against Black People

Rev. Lenny Duncan says, "Jesus is Trayvon Martin, armed only with a bag of Skittles and an iced tea against an entire world that would rather hang him from a tree than love him. Until we see this, we are lost." But what does the Bible actually say about racial injustice?

What The Bible Reveals About Racial Injustice Against Black People
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Historically, the Bible has been used to justify enslavement and white supremacy. Yet over 80% of us believe in God and that the Bible is His word!

So honestly, what does the Bible truly have to say about racism? Are we a cursed race who must bear the brunt of injustice?

Rev. Lenny Duncan has pointed out that according to the Bible, God asks believers – including white people – to champion justice. The ways religion has been used to oppress Black people is clearly wrong!

The Bible directly critiques those who go through the motions of religion but who overlook justice – verses on this theme abound in both the Old and New Testament.

In Luke 11:42, for example, Jesus talks to Pharisees, known for their piousness but NOT for their actions: “Woe to you, Pharisees! Judgment will come on you! You are fastidious about tithing – keeping account of every little leaf of mint and herb – but you neglect what really matters: justice and the love of God!”

So what does this mean for Black people? It means that we must continue to fight for justice for ourselves as part of our faith practice! The Bible is clear that racism is wrong because racism is an injustice.

How does your faith inspire you to fight against injustice?

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