We Are Not Meant To Grieve Alone

It’s time for us to release our grief. Cleanse. Heal. Gather in community to wail, talk, dance, and eat. Like liberation, healing happens in community.

We Are Not Meant To Grieve Alone
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Grief finds all of us. Grief can feel confusing. Many people isolate themselves while they grieve. 

But healing happens in community. 

In many African cultures, people gather for days at a time to wail, laugh, talk, or sit in silence after someone has died. People share food and perform rituals to honor the dead making this final rite of passage. 

But death is only one reason for grief. What if we took all reasons for grief as an invitation to gather? 

Grief support could look like family therapy. It could also look like attending a grief support group. 

Grief support groups are low stakes and offer safe space for people processing grief to connect with others and share their stories without being judged. In addition to emotional support, grief groups can offer resources. 

Grieving is a sign that we have loved. Healing from grief is how we reopen our hearts to love. Loving ourselves and our communities is what fuels us to question harmful systems. Questioning harmful systems leads to revolution. 

We’re living in the midst of numerous global genocides. Now more than ever we have reason to grieve. 

This isn’t the time to lean away, but to lean into our collective grief and humanity. It’s here that we find our most sacred revolution: Black love.

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