We All Have The Power To Lead With Empathy

We are all here for a reason, and God’s love extends to each of us, no matter how different we may be. Everyone has their own spiritual journey, and that means our journeys may look different. And those differences are good for our spirits.

We All Have The Power To Lead With Empathy
Via Wikimedia Commons

Empathy is showing compassion towards others, even if you haven't experienced what they have. That compassion is one way we can support one another, even if we disagree. But it isn’t just about agreeing with one another. 

Empathy can look like exercising open mindedness, humility, and at times, knowing when to mind our business

”Minding business” is a form of spiritual soul care. Minding our business gives us more energy to focus on our own relationship with Spirit, specifically the purpose God has tasked us with. 

Sayings like “pay it no mind,” are other ways we remind each other to stay on our own paths and to encourage others to embrace their true purposes in life. It means we avoid giving energy to those things that hurt, distract, and divide us.  

When we embrace that we’re all on different paths, each integral to God’s plans for us, we’re better able to extend compassion towards one another and to withstand harsh judgements that many of us already face in the world. We are each other’s business.  

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