We All Deserve A Good Faith Leader To Guide Us

We’ve all heard the stories of corrupt faith leaders who abused their leadership in some way. Unfortunately, these stories make us wary of seeking out faith leaders or spiritual communities entirely. 1 Timothy 3 reminds us how to determine good faith leaders from the phony ones.

We All Deserve A Good Faith Leader To Guide Us
Via Wikimedia Commons

1 Timothy 3 reminds us spiritual leaders should be above reproach, faithful, disciplined, respected, welcoming, gentle, sober, anti-capitalists, and educators.

Good faith leaders know their role is to teach, uplift, and offer intuitive guidance; not make decisions for us. 

Good spiritual leaders detach themselves from their egos. Their guidance should be rooted in helping us develop and deepen our faith as we navigate the path God laid for us. 

Specifically, their role as educators implies a commitment to take action. While having faith is essential, a good faith leader knows faith must be paired with action. 

They teach their congregations how to use faith to develop their community building & organizing tactics, critical thinking skills necessary to dismantle anti-Blackness, and overall vision for liberation. 

Jesus was both a compassionate leader and educator. He served as a mirror to all he encountered, reflecting that they too were children of God and had a mandate to go into the world spreading God’s love and serving one another. 

A good faith leader should exemplify how we can be of service to God. 

We must follow those led by faith, not ego and those who remind us that God lives within us, too. Who reflects love even when anti-Blackness would show us hate? Who makes liberation irresistible? 

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