Uncover Your Shadow Side With These Six Journal Prompts

Everyone has a shadow side, the parts of our personality that we hide away from ourselves and others. Uncovering this side can help us heal - try these six prompts as a starting point.

Uncover Your Shadow Side With These Six Journal Prompts
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The ability to love and care for anyone else begins with self-love, our most important relationship. Getting to the root of the issues we face can be challenging but practicing shadow work is a game changer.

Shadow work helps us work with our unconscious minds to uncover what experts call the ‘shadow side,’ the hidden parts of our personalities that we repress but inevitably impact all areas of our lives.

One way to work through the shadows is to reinterpret them and, in turn, become the most authentic version of ourselves.

Try journaling using these six prompts for healing:

Which feelings or emotions do I try to hide?

What do I need to forgive myself for at this moment?

What emotions typically bring out the worst in me, and what do I think happens?

How do I define liberation? What makes me feel trapped?

What dreams or goals have I let go of? Why?

How do I believe people see me? How would they describe me to someone else? How does that make me feel?

Like all self-improvement, shadow work is challenging. Just remember to give yourself grace during this process.

Taking time to uncover the depths of our beings is an integral part of every self-love journey. We can’t properly love each other without first learning to have compassion for ourselves.

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