Turn Your Everyday Actions Into Offerings

We all deserve to feel cared for. Offerings are usually made at the foot of altars or on church collection plates, but what if we considered every action an offering?

Turn Your Everyday Actions Into Offerings
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 It's an offering when we pass the collection plate in church and add money. It's an offering when we leave flowers on the graves of the dearly departed or at the foot of an ancestral altar. 

But offerings extend beyond what we typically know them as. 

Consider the ways you can make your every action into offerings. Let your words of kindness be an offering to someone or lend a listening ear to a friend who needs nothing more than to be heard. 

In “Hoodoo For Everyone,” Sherry Shone suggests community service, sharing a review of an artist you enjoy, or even allowing someone to use your phone when their battery is depleted are offerings. Shone reminds us that these offerings are a form of the sacrifice our spirit guides and ancestors recognize. 

As a communal people building toward a new world, we should see everything as an offering. Although benevolence toward each other is necessary for our people, our offerings must go beyond kindness for kindness's sake. 

We must see them as daily opportunities required to be in community with one another.

When we exist in unity, our ancestors rejoice. The offerings we extend toward one another please God and our guides, providing us with spiritual protection and blessings.

What offering can you make to someone in your community today?

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