To Transform You Need To Shed What No Longer Serves You

The room was smoky and full of hushed voices, all chanting the same prayer. Initiates were dressed in white. Today was the day they would learn their spiritual guides. The priestess stood. It was time.

To Transform You Need To Shed What No Longer Serves You
Via Wikimedia Commons

Often, when we move upward in life, we go through a type of process like attending graduate school or getting a promotion.

But there are also important processes within spiritual work.

Throughout history, our ancestors practiced multiple forms of Rites Of Passage. Within the traditional Yoruba religion Ifá, one went through specific initiation processes.

Mentored by established priests and priestesses, initiates went through Rites of Passage that informed them about which Órìsá primarily guides them.

Once their Órìsá was identified, initiates learned which offerings to provide their Órìsá with, which colors to wear, and what taboos to avoid in their daily lives.

Initiation processes ranged in time, some even lasting years. But what the initiates received made everything worth it.

Initiates are asked to reflect on their strengths and shadows. Both must be addressed to be rooted in Spirit.

In addition to mentorship, spiritual community, and Spirit guides, often an initiate’s destiny is revealed within their process.

Are you seeking some form of spiritual initiation or community? Even if you identify as Christian, it’s ok to explore traditional spiritual practices to deepen your own understanding of spirituality.

Our enslaved ancestors fused traditional spirituality with Christianity and Catholicism. What they preserved is still used throughout our communities today. You have the right to explore traditional Rites of Passage responsibly.

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