This Tale From The Hausa People Shows The Strength Of Our Faith

There’s a lot happening in the world, and it can be a lot to carry. If you’re feeling overwhelmed, take heart. This ancient story reminds us that both our works and our faith have the power to hold us in uncertain times.

This Tale From The Hausa People Shows The Strength Of Our Faith
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In a remote African village, there lived a powerful king. Most feared him and when they stood before him, they paid their respects by shouting, “May the King live forever!" But one subject refused. Instead, he said , "There is no king like God."  Soon, the king grew angry with the man and began plotting his destruction.

He gave No-King two silver rings. No-King placed them in a hollow ram's head and gave them to his wife for safekeeping. A week later, the king sent No-King to a distant village. While away, the king bribed No-King's wife with one thousand cowries to return the rings. 

The king's servants threw the rings into a lake, where a giant fish swallowed them. On his way home, No-King-as-God caught a large fish. Once home, he inquired about the rings. At the same time, his son, who had been cleaning the fish, found the rings inside the fish. Fearing they'd be lost again, No-King wrapped them in his cloak.

The king summoned No-King and demanded the rings under penalty of death. When No-King produced the rings, the king declared, "Indeed, there is no king like God." He gave No-King half of the village to rule. 

This folktale from the Hausa people teaches that even in the face of uncertainty,  our faith has kept us through the ages. Don’t give up.

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