This Deity Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Honoring Our Ancestors

He desperately needed her protection. She was the most powerful deity and the only one he could trust with his life. How he paid homage to her is legendary, and one of the reasons we still provide offerings to our ancestors today.

This Deity Reminds Us Of The Importance Of Honoring Our Ancestors
Via Wikimedia Commons

Wadjet, the cobra goddess of ancient Egypt, was strikingly beautiful and powerful. The Pharaoh depended on Wadjet’s powers for protection, so he paid homage to her by including her in the design of his royal diadem.

The crown was intentionally designed to look like a cobra about to strike, acknowledging Wadjet’s deadly might.

But the symbol did more than protect the Pharaoh's life.

It protected him after death. Statues and paintings of the rearing cobra were used to decorate the inside of the Pharaoh’s tomb as a means to protect the tomb from grave robbers.

The symbol also appeared in the Book of the Dead, implying that Wadjet held some role in assisting the Pharaoh's spirit through Du'at, the underworld.

Across the world it’s still a common practice for us to decorate our ancestors' graves with symbols and objects meant to guide them in the spirit realm.

Practice being consistent in how you honor our ancestors, be it with altar offerings or visiting their graves. These offerings work to protect our ancestors and provide them with ease.

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