This Daily Practice Can Uplift Your Spirit And Spread Love In Magical Ways

The power of affirmation is unparalleled, and doing this daily practice can unlock new levels of self-love and strength.

This Daily Practice Can Uplift Your Spirit And Spread Love In Magical Ways
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Each of us has nuances and complexities that are expressions of divine love. But in a world that constantly casts Black bodies as unhealthy, hypersexual, and unappealing, sometimes those imperfections become heavy to carry.  This is where mirror work comes in.

Mirrorwork is exactly what it sounds like. It’s standing in front of a mirror and speaking positively about yourself, to yourself. It affirms the love, detail, and divinity within each of us. But sometimes, it’s easier said than done.

For example, though Black women seem to have more confidence than other groups, the constant critiques don’t go unnoticed. Black women report being more heavily criticized for hairstyles and more sexualized because of body shape.  Here’s how mirror work can help.

Stand in the mirror or get a handheld mirror. Gaze deeply at your reflection. Affirm yourself with kind words. Practice this until it feels good and natural, whether daily or weekly.

We ARE love and what we see in the mirror are divine reflections of love. Look at yourself right now. Give thanks for being the incredible being that you are. Affirm it proudly: My Black is beautiful!

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