This Bible Verse Is Your Reminder To Think BIG, Not Small

You’re thinking small when you need to be thinking BIG. God has big plans for us and our futures. 1 John 3 reminds us that anyone guided by Spirit will likely be misunderstood by society. We can’t allow this to make us question our worth. If anything, this makes us even more worthy of God’s love.

This Bible Verse Is Your Reminder To Think BIG, Not Small
Via Pxhere

“We are [God’s] beloved children. And in the same way the world didn’t recognize [God], the world does not recognize us either.” – 1 John 3.

At the root of our liberation is the understanding that no one has the power to make us feel small. We must continuously ask ourselves: Am I going to believe the lies anti-Blackness is determined to spread about me? 

Anti-Blackness will forever paint us through oppressive stereotypes because it depends on us questioning our worth. On the surface, this is a strategic distraction. At its depth, it’s political warfare

When we’re busy questioning our worth we have no time to question the systems or policies intent on re-enslaving us. 

We don’t owe the world any explanations. Living in an anti-Black society means accepting that many people or institutions will always misunderstand us and our visions for the future. 

We shouldn’t even desire to be “understood” by modern-day colonization. 

If anything, the more unrecognizable we become to anti-Blackness, the more we’re leaning into Spirit and our collective power. 

Our light shines stronger with each generation, which is how we know the futures we’re building will be bright.

We don’t have time to be questioning our worth. How can we be unworthy when we’re God’s beloved children?

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