This Ancient Goddess Showcased The Undying Power Of Love

He lay at her feet. Blinded by tears, she grabbed his body. Her rage was soon replaced by terror as she felt his heartbeat weakening. Saving him would require all of her strength.

This Ancient Goddess Showcased The Undying Power Of Love
Via Wikimedia Commons

Isis, the Egyptian Goddess of fertility, love, and healing, was highly celebrated for her protection of mothers and children. But she was also known for her fierce love of her husband.

Together, they worked for the liberation of their people. Yet when they visited Osiris’ jealous brother, Set, the lovebirds had no idea that sibling rivalry would be their downfall.

Envious of the couple's power, Set invited them to dinner and then murdered Osiris, cutting him into 13 pieces. Grief-stricken, Isis fled with her husband’s body and hid in a temple.

But what she did next shows the immense power of Black love.

Magic pulsing from her hands, Isis blew breath into Osiris while crying, “Live!

Her kiss awakened him and they magically conceived a child, Horus. Horus went on to defeat his uncle Set and restore the order of the universe.

The power of love has been belittled, made to seem cliché or fake, but that’s just because anti-Blackness wants us to feel alone and divided.

Love, for our people and for ourselves, is the driving force of our liberation. Our very spiritual essence is love. When we embrace love for ourselves, our community, and reject anti- Blackness in the name of love, we are truly unstoppable.

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