These 'Superstitions' Are Really Ancestral Warnings That Protect Us

If you ever had an itchy palm or a twitching eye and been told by an elder that it's a sign, that’s part of a centuries-old belief system many of us have been engaging in without knowing.

These 'Superstitions' Are Really Ancestral Warnings That Protect Us
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You’ve probably heard elders discuss common Hoodoo signs about unusual occurrences that warn of a coming event. For generations, we’ve casually passed them on.

Anti-Blackness reduced them to superstition, but they’re a deep part of the culture and a symbol of spiritual survival.

Itching palms are interpreted as a sign that money is on the way to you, with some folks distinguishing between whether the left or right palm is itching.

When your eyelid twitches, it’s considered a sign that trouble in some form is coming. And if you’ve ever heard someone say, “You better not sweep my feet with that broom,” it likely comes from the early Hoodoo belief that swept feet are a severe sign of bad luck.

Some signs, like swept feet, could be immediately neutralized by gestures such as spitting on the broom. Our people’s faith in the signs was deep and heavily informed folks’ spiritual life.

They were considered a basic form of divination accessible to everyone, so our people weaved them into their everyday consciousness.

Many traditional Black practices and beliefs are demonized by anti-Blackness. But these cultural-isms, like Hoodoo signs, are valid parts of our cultural resistance.

Knowing the truth about ancestral beliefs is a powerful way to honor our history and deepen our connection with spirit.

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