These Evil Institutions Use Religion To Prey On Black Children

Psalm 82:3 gives us an important spiritual responsibility: “Stand up for the poor and the orphan; advocate for the rights of the afflicted and those in need.” But what happens when those who are supposed to stand up for the orphans in our communities exploit them instead?

These Evil Institutions Use Religion To Prey On Black Children
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Over 1.2 million Haitian orphans face a danger that is perhaps more dangerous than living on the streets: being placed into an orphanage!

But how can this be, when U.S. churches and missionaries are giving MILLIONS of dollars every year to religiously affiliated Haitian orphanages?

Many of these agencies are actually part of an international sex trafficking ring that uses children to make money!

This heartbreaking situation has been labeled a crisis, but that’s just the beginning. There’s something unusual about these “orphans.”

Close to 80% of the children in these institutions aren’t orphans at all! Their parents, who often live nearby, are alive and well. How the children became eligible to live in these hellholes, however, is purely evil.

White missionaries trick Black parents into giving up their children. Loving parents unable to provide for their children are promised the children will be given a good life with education, healthcare, housing, and jobs.

Instead, they are forced into prostitution, pickpocketing, and begging by the orphanage owners seeking to make money.

Fighting against the poverty, white supremacy, and capitalism that made it possible for white people to exploit these children in the first place is our spiritual responsibility.

What opportunities exist in your life to protect Black children?

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