These Beaded Necklaces Hold Immense Spiritual Power

You deserve to be adorned and wrapped in spiritual armor. These sacred beads hold powerful meanings and protection in their colors.

These Beaded Necklaces Hold Immense Spiritual Power
Via Wikimedia Commons 

Elekes are colorful beaded necklaces used in Santeria as armor and a connection between the earthly and the divine. Like spiritual compasses, Elekes are a constant tactile reminder of something greater than ourselves, and their sacred meanings are powerful. 

Red and black beads symbolize the divine trickster, Elegua, who rules life’s crossroads. Like crashing waves, Yemaya, queen of the ocean, is represented by blue and white beads, which embody her nurturing spirit. 

Gleaming yellow and gold beads represent Oshun, the beloved river goddess who radiantly governs beauty, love, and wealth. Meanwhile, the beads of Oya, the wind goddess, carry the transformative power of a storm with maroon and brown colors. 

Ogun is a resilient God who protects the forests with iron-clad strength and an unyielding spirit, symbolized by green and black beads. The ruler of lightning and thunder, Shango, is represented by red and white beads to symbolize his fiery temperament. 

Elekes, crystals, and ancestral heirlooms all hold sacred powers capable of being our spiritual compasses. As you flow through life, consider the tools within reach that can help light your way on the journey. 

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