These '4 Agreements' Could Help Improve Your Spiritual Wellness

Imagine what it feels like to be free of any self-limiting beliefs you hold. What would happen if you let them all go? Following ‘The Four Agreements’ may be one way to do so.

These '4 Agreements' Could Help Improve Your Spiritual Wellness
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The Four Agreements” is a best-selling book that teaches a code of conduct to help rid us of self-limiting beliefs and instead tap into a liberated spiritual space. Here’s how you can practice them.

#1: Be Impeccable With Your Word

We know word is bond, and the first agreement echoes a similar sentiment. Words are powerful. We should wield them only for truth and love towards ourselves and our people.

#2: Don’t Take Anything Personally

Although this can be tough to practice, we should not take anything personally because what others say or do reflects their reality. Like anti-Blackness and anything else that tries to demean us, we can refuse to believe outside opinions about who we are.

#3: Don’t Make Assumptions

You know what the elders say about making assumptions. We should avoid assuming and instead find the courage to ask questions and communicate our needs.

#4: Always Do Your Best

We know our folks are gifted. The fourth agreement encourages us to show up, but this doesn’t mean striving for perfection. It’s about doing the best we can with what we’ve got at any given moment.

Improving our wellness is about adopting, reimagining, and shifting the spiritual tools we rely on to live a liberated life. Try starting with just one of these agreements and track any improvements you experience.

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