The Yoruba Goddess Helping You Embrace Change And Abundance

You are capable of powerful change. Ọya is the Yoruba goddess known for her ability to evoke abundance and transformation. Here’s how you can, too.

The Yoruba Goddess Helping You Embrace Change And Abundance
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Ọya is a fierce warrior known as a gentle breeze and a devastating hurricane. Her adaptable nature is the perfect reminder to embrace life’s changes.  

In Yoruba tradition, Ọya summons tornados as protection and stays spiritually strapped with a machete.  She keeps it on hand to cut through obstacles. We all need tools of protection that help us navigate life’s ebb and flow.

Meditation, writing, or walking can be helpful additions to any wellness arsenal.

As the ruler of storms, Ọya is known to transform. She brings renewal through the rain during a drought. We, too, have the power to create abundance in our lives. Developing an abundance mindset is crucial in helping to shift from scarcity thinking into a state of acceptance and self-compassion.

With one foot in the living world and one in the dead, Ọya is a protector of cemeteries and the ancestors. Loss is challenging, but embracing the ways of Ọya can guide us.

If you’re grieving a loss, try creating an ancestor altar using photos of your loved ones, representations of their favorite items, candles, and natural elements like flowers. Lean on your ancestors and call on Ọya to remove path-blocking negativity.

How can you evoke the spirit of Ọya to bring about abundance and embrace change in your life?

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