The Undying Spiritual And Political Power Of Black Love

At the heart of each of our protests is Black Love. But if that’s the case, how are peaceful protests potentially anti-Black?

The Undying Spiritual And Political Power Of Black Love
Via Wikimedia Commons

The non-violence of the Civil Rights Movement called for peaceful protests because that was what felt right for our people at the time.

Today, there’s still room for peaceful protests, but to solely demand peace is actually anti-Black, especially if the idea being pushed is that “peace” is synonymous with “love.”

A system meant to destroy us can’t also be a system in which we experience love.

Meaning that our protesting anti-Black systems is actually the very root of Black Love.

Black Love is deeper than romantic love. It’s platonic, familial, communal, spiritual, and highly political.

Black Love is when we radically love ourselves enough to know we deserve a life of abundant joy and freedom.

We must also acknowledge that multiple emotions can still exist within “love.” Joy, rage, grief, fear, anxiety, jealousy, tenderness, you name it.

It’s no coincidence then that emotions we experience within “love” can be seen within our forms of protest. At the root of the protest is the divine love we have for ourselves, our people, and Blackness as a whole.

Denying anti-Blackness is the sweetest love letter we can give our spirits. It’s how we protect our spirits, whether using violence or non-violence.

Black Love IS the protest. In every lifetime we’re coming back Blacker and loving even harder.

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