The Undeniable Healing Power Of Mindfulness

You deserve to live as your highest self, and one of the most powerful tools for doing so is mindfulness. Here’s how staying present can help transform your life.

The Undeniable Healing Power Of Mindfulness
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Staying present isn’t always easy, but the benefits of it are worth trying to develop a mindfulness practice. 

There are many benefits to mindfulness, like managing stress, reducing symptoms of anxiety and depression, and strengthening relationships. 

When we engage our senses, focus on our breath, and practice gratitude, we’re experiencing life as it happens rather than getting bogged down with the past or worrying about the future so much that it's mentally detrimental. 

Holistic wellness coach and author of Sacred Women, Queen Afua, coined impeccable listening, an intuitive self-awareness tool revolving around the Ancient African “Udjat,” the first eye of intuition known for promoting healing.  

The listening practice has the power to bring us in alignment with purpose. Reaching the clarity and confidence that comes with Impeccable listening isn’t possible without being mindfully present. 

Wellness thought leader Koya Webb teaches mindfulness’s three core principles: present-moment awareness, non-judgemental observation, and acceptance. 

Staying present is a beautiful way to honor ourselves, the people we love, and the Most High. Our spiritual wellness and liberation require that we learn how to thrive in the now, even when all the systems created around us say otherwise.

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