The Truth about Voodoo and Why It Is Powerful

John 4:21-24: “Believe this: a new day is coming – in fact, it’s already here – when the importance will not be placed on the time and place of worship but on the truthful hearts of worshipers … [The Father] is seeking followers whose worship is sourced in truth and deeply spiritual as well.”

The Truth about Voodoo and Why It Is Powerful
Via Wikimedia Commons

Despite what you may have heard, perhaps no religion brings us closer to spirit than Voodoo – and here’s why.

Vodun, or “voodoo,” means “spirit,” and it teaches belief in one God, honoring ancestors, and respect for nature. This powerful religion, which began in West Africa, is one of the oldest spiritual practices on Earth.

Though many of our ancestors were forced to practice white Christianity, they still found ways to secretly hide and protect their beliefs. But there’s something else about Vodun even more relevant to us today.

Vodun reinforces the concepts of community and Divine callings to predestined events. No wonder this powerful force was used to success during the Haitian Revolution and to organize slave rebellions in the U.S.!

These movements had one thing in common.

Each of these began in prayer and admonitions for community and a common cause. Divine help was invoked to defeat the forces of oppression, hatred, and enslavement. Ancestors were honored, and their spirits were edified.

Of course, the oppressor was threatened – so they tried to slander Vodun any chance they got. They produced racist stories that sensationalized “depraved” acts practiced in the name of “voodoo.” This reinforced the idea that Vodun was evil.

Now, as we continue to struggle for our rights, we must remember the power we have when we work together, fueled by prayer, spirit, and belief in our destiny. Fearing Vodun is believing in the racist perceptions of our beautiful culture. In what ways can you work with others in your community for the common good?

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