The Transformative and Sacred Power of Rituals

Transformation doesn’t happen overnight. It takes prayer, but even more importantly, it takes ritual. Prayers are how we communicate with God, but rituals are how we show our devotion. Which rituals feel good for deepening your relationship with God?

The Transformative and Sacred Power of Rituals
Via Wikimedia Commons

Routines help us feel grounded. A sacred routine is known as a ritual

Three elements make something a ritual. 

A ritual is a repeatable sequence of behaviors. These behaviors often have symbolic meaning. 

Lastly, although these behaviors have a purpose, they might appear strange to outsiders. Ida Carter’s lighting of candles for seven years is a perfect example. 

A young root worker from Alabama, Ida Carter prayed for the Holy Spirit to give her a sign. To show her devotion, she lit a candle and prayed throughout the night. She did this seven nights in a row. 

She repeated this ritual for seven years in the first week of May, lighting her candles and praying. In the seventh year, Spirit spoke to her.

A ritual is different from a prayer. Prayers are how we communicate with God. Rituals are how we show our devotion to God. 

We can perform rituals individually or within community

Which rituals help us feel aligned with God? What do we need to do to ensure the longevity of these rituals? 

Our individual rituals affect how we show up for our community and will directly impact our construction of  Black liberated futures. 

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