The Seven African Powers Are Among the Most Powerful of All the Orishas

Within the Yoruba religion, Ifá, there are hundreds of Orishas. But seven of them stand out from the rest as the most powerful.

The Seven African Powers Are Among the Most Powerful of All the Orishas
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Eshu Elegbara:

Commonly known as Papa Legba, Elegbara is Orisha of crossroads between universes. Legba should be greeted first as he opens doors to the ancestral realm.

His offerings can consist of tobacco, alcohol, and rum.


Obatala came down from the sky and created land, animals, plants, and eventually humans, which he asked the Supreme being to breathe life into.

Obatala’s offerings consist of water, coconut milk, shea butter, and white flowers.

Yemonja and Oshun:

Yemonja is one of the Orishas of the sea. Known as the mother of all, Yemonja represents fertility, safe birthing experiences, and healthy children. Her offerings are pearls, conch shells, white roses, and watermelon.

Oshun is Orisha of all freshwater, matters of love, and sensuality. Her offerings are honey, sunflowers, oranges, and cinnamon. When you go to the water, greet these Orisha accordingly.

Shango & Oyá:

Orisha of thunder, parties, and dancing, Shango is hot headed and seductive. Offerings to him include spicy food, strong alcohol, and metal.

Oyá is Orisha of storms and guiding the dead. Because of her work with spirits, Oyá possesses incredible intuition and powerful divination practices.


Orisha of war and metals, Ogun’s machete is powerful. He works with Legba in clearing pathways in our fight for liberation. Ogun’s offerings are red candles, cigars, whisky, incense, and all metal, especially iron.

We have access to powerful ancestral wisdom. We can always call upon the 7 African Powers for guidance.

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