The Multifaceted Meanings of Fluidity and Its Connection to Freedom

“God is change.” – Octavia Butler. The ability to change lives in all of us. The practice of change lies in a sacred, Afro-diasporic wisdom. In our fight for freedom, we must be like God: fluid. To embrace fluidity is to embrace our inherent divinity.

The Multifaceted Meanings of Fluidity and Its Connection to Freedom
Via Wikimedia Commons

 “Fluid” is a word with a lot of meanings. Fluid can be used to describe liquid, movement, timing, or to acknowledge something is “subject to change.” 

“Fluid” can also be used to discuss gender, celebrating all additional genders outside of the “male/female” gender binary. Gender and sexual fluidity in Africa predate colonialism and have survived throughout Africa’s diaspora.

Within the Yoruba religion, Ifa, Olodumare is the Supreme God and creator of “ashé.” Ashé is the sacred energy Olodumare used to breathe life into all things

Olodumare is recognized as being genderless, or more accurately, “possessing all possible gender expressions simultaneously.” Olodumare's fluidity lives in their/her/his ashé, meaning there’s the possibility for change within all living things. 

As we continue to dismantle anti-Black systems, let us not forget the spiritual power of fluidity. How is fluidity synonymous with freedom? With abundance? 

How can embracing fluidity help us create and incorporate more inclusion, solidarity, and love within our spiritual practices and communities?

Olodumare’s ashé reminds us fluidity is fundamental within universal sacred energy. Fluidity encourages “change,” or more, the right to practice change. To be changed. 

Our fight for liberation is a fight for change. How can our commitment to change breathe life into our fight? 

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