The Hidden History And Healing Power Behind Traditional African Medicine

Western medicine focuses primarily on healing the body, but our ancestors understood that the spirit, too, is essential for good health. Here’s why the notion of healing the body and not the spirit can be sickening.

The Hidden History And Healing Power Behind Traditional African Medicine
Via Wikimedia Commons

Hippocrates is the Greek physician credited as the “father of medicine.” But Egyptian physician, Imhotep, was studying medicine thousands of years before Hippocrates.

Hippocrates traveled to Africa to study medicine. It’s possible that his medical “discoveries” are likely appropriated from Imhotep’s work.

More recently, traditional medicinal practices were shunned by Western doctors because the medicine involved rituals perceived as unscientific. For this reason, these techniques were suppressed outside of Africa.

Unlike Western medicine, traditional medicinal practices are preserved by passing knowledge down among generations. Practitioners only entrust specific individuals with the secrets to health and longevity.

It’s an honor to be a healer.

Imhotep deserves credit for their medical brilliance, having treated over 200 diseases using herbs, including tuberculosis, gallstones, appendicitis, gout, and arthritis.

Today, roughly 70% of African countries rely on traditional medicine for their primary health care. They care for their spirits as part of their physical well-being.

The history of anti-Blackness is so deeply entrenched in our daily lives that we sometimes forget to question it.

Health is wealth. We must understand there are numerous ways outside of Western medicine to be healthy that honor our spirit. What will your own research lead you to discover about healing your spirit?

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