The Ancient Connection Between Frankincense, Myrrh, And Our People

You deserve a space free of negative energy. For centuries, our people have burned plants and herbs to protect their spaces and spirits.

The Ancient Connection Between Frankincense, Myrrh, And Our People
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Incense, often considered a modern tool of spirituality, has a rich historical significance. Our ancestors have been harnessing its power for centuries, using it to diffuse bad energy and ensure protection. 

Consider these ancient ancestral incense the next time you need to cleanse your space. 

Good ol' frankincense has been burned across Egypt and East African countries like Somalia for energy cleansing, attracting blessings, and as offerings to deities. It is often paired with myrrh for sanitizing. 

Prekese, known as the “fruit of God,”  is native to Ghana. Used like vanilla in cooking, it is also believed to have spiritual power. When lit, it is a shield against evil spirits. 

The Kanuri people of Nigeria use Ka'aji on special occasions like burials, weddings, and other ceremonies to scare away evil spirits. It's especially important to burn it immediately after a child's birth. 

In South Africa, known as the “cradle of incense,” imphepho helps cleanse, protect, and relax. It’s uniquely used to open channels of connection with ancestral spirits. 

Our spiritual history is rich with the use of herbs for potent healing and protection, and it's our birthright to continue these traditions. What areas of your life could benefit from energy cleansing right now?

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