The Ancestral Way Of ‘Watching Our Steps’

Have you ever thought about how you walk? How do you plant your feet? Maybe you stride quickly or take small steps. No matter how we move, every single step we take is powerful, and our ancestors knew it.

The Ancestral Way Of ‘Watching Our Steps’
Via Unsplash

Our ancestors in the 1920s and 1930s Mississippi Delta had a special understanding of what it meant to “watch your step.” There, we had the power to stop those who could harm us in their tracks. 

Foot track magic is a hoodoo practice that uses the places we walk to cast spells. Many think foot track magic is all about curses, but in reality, this type of spell casting is about protecting our communities, families, and other loved ones from evil.

This spellcasting works by sprinkling a powder or placing some small object in the tracks, shoes, socks, or pathway of a person and setting an intention for something to happen.

While that intention can be negative, such as sickness or even death, the intention can also be one that is beneficial, such as health, love, wealth, wisdom, or safety. 

Take a moment to sit with bare feet. They are made from the love, joys, and struggles of those before you. Breathe in: my steps are powerful. Breathe out: I walk in the power of my loving ancestors.  

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