The Ancestral Symbol That Reminds Us Of God's Inherent Love

God is good. All the time. He loves us all the time, too, and this ancient symbol is an ancestral reminder of the strength we can find in His love for us.

The Ancestral Symbol That Reminds Us Of God's Inherent Love
Via Wikimedia Commons

Nsoromma is the Ghanaian adinkra symbol meaning “star” or “children of the heavens.” It symbolizes the guardianship of God and how he watches over us at all times. It’s a beautiful reminder of the Most High’s inherent love for our people. 

God’s shelter is a constant, omnipresent light that shines for us as stars do in the skies. The Akan people believe that because stars embody light, the symbol represents the divine’s ability to cut through darkness as a form of protection for us.

Like many traditional African beliefs, there’s always a consideration of how ancestors influence our lives. Nsoromma also symbolizes the existence of the spiritual world in which our dearly departed watch over us, providing protection and a sense of wholeness as they co-create with God for our greatest good. 

Nsoromma encourages us to imagine, build, and live our lives fully, knowing that God supports and strengthens us. It creates a comfortable knowing, similar to Philippians 4:13, “ I can do all things through Christ who strengthens me.”

God’s and our ancestor’s love for us is infinite, and when we trust in that, we can move through life’s ebbs and flows knowing we are protected, blessed, and highly favored.

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