Someone Need ‘Calling Out?’ Choose ‘Calling In’ Instead

We know that love is patient and kind. When conflict arises in our community, it’s easy to call someone out, but what if we tried “calling in” instead?

Someone Need ‘Calling Out?’ Choose ‘Calling In’ Instead
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God calls us to be a unified community. Although oppressive systems work to persuade us to act as individuals, we're not. We've always been each other's business, so we must move like it. 

Here's how we can practice "calling in" instead of "calling out."

Loretta Ross describes ‘calling in' as a practice rooted in love when harm occurs. It can turn uncomfortable conversations into opportunities for growth, fostering understanding and empathy instead of shaming or alienating each other. 

'Calling in' offers private and respect-centered conversations. Instead of publicly attacking someone online for a problematic statement, you could send them a private message expressing your concerns and offering resources for them to learn more. 

Calling in requires conversation, compassion, and context. This aligns with the principles of Black Liberation Theology, which teaches the possibility of reconciliation for those who are remorseful and make amends through actions. 

By committing to this “love politik,” we can actively contribute to the betterment of our people as we journey towards liberation. Remember, we're part of God's body, and calling in keeps us aligned with His vision of our collective destiny.

There is no liberation without love, so the next time someone in our community needs calling out, choose love and call them in instead.

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