Snakes Remind Us The Importance Of Paying Attention To Traditions And Patterns

Hate snakes? Not so fast. Traditional African cultures saw snakes as sacred. From protecting pharaohs to visiting us in our dreams, serpents symbolize many powerful things. Here are a few.

Snakes Remind Us The Importance Of Paying Attention To Traditions And Patterns
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#1: Egyptian Snake Goddess Wadjet

Wadjet, the Cobra Goddess of ancient Egypt, worked to protect the pharaoh. The pharaoh’s royal diadem was shaped like a rearing cobra to honor her.

Wadjet’s cobra symbolism was used throughout the royal tombs to scare off grave robbers and to assist spirits transitioning into the afterlife.

#2: Mami Wata

Mami Wata is a powerful water spirit known throughout Africa. But many are surprised upon learning she’s also a snake charmer.

Many snakes inhabit both land and water, so they would definitely cross paths with Mami Wata and be charmed to do her bidding.

#3: Dan Aido Hwedo

Mawu-Lisa are deities the Fon people believed created Earth. Mawu, female, represents the moon while Lisa, male, represents the sun. But they needed help supporting Earth and called upon the cosmic serpent, Dan Aido Hwedo.

To this day Aido Hwedo is curled beneath Earth, holding the weight of the world.

#4: Dreaming About Snakes

Dreams about snakes range in meaning but many African cultures believe snakes appearing in one’s dream is wisdom being offered from ancestors.

Because snakes shed their skin, dreams about snakes are symbolic of growth, transformation, or deception.

Are snakes or recurring symbols popping up in your life? Next time, take a moment to reflect on what the ancestors may be trying to tell you.

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