Ruler Of Both Realms, Nana Buluku Has A Divine Message For Us

Ruler of both the spirit and living worlds, this traditional West African spirit exists in the in-between. Considered their Supreme being, this spirit has a message about spiritual soul-care for us. One that is similar to God’s wish for us.

Ruler Of Both Realms, Nana Buluku Has A Divine Message For Us
Via Wikimedia Commons

Ruler of both the spirit and living worlds, Nana Buluku exists in the in-between. Throughout West Africa, Nana was traditionally recognized as the Supreme being.

Nana birthed Mawu-Lisa, moon and sun deities, who went on to create the world. But Nana wasn’t their mother.

Nana was their parent. Existing both within and outside of feminine and masculine energies, Nana Buluku was recognized as an androgynous spirit.

Some believe Mawu-Lisa were also genderfluid, and that this is the energy in which they created the world. But then anti-Blackness crept in and enforced a gendered, white male God.

God created all of us as reflections of themself, meaning God can take infinite forms. Being THE Higher Power, God is more like a divine energy that lives within all living things.

Just like racism, gender is a binary socially constructed by anti-Blackness. Binaries work to police everyone, not just those they aim to “other.”

We are spirits first and foremost. Our bodies are merely the vessel in which our spirits are carried.

Nana Buluku knew that part of spiritual soul-care was existing outside of anti-Black binaries that work to police us. Which other binaries exist in your life?

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