Prayers And Reflections For Those Who Feel Left Out

Have you ever felt left out, ignored, or alone in a space full of people? How does it feel in your spirit when you are connected, included, and seen? Those two experiences remind us that our spiritual well-being goes far beyond self-care.

Prayers And Reflections For Those Who Feel Left Out
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In “Black Liturgies: Prayers, Poems, And Meditations For Staying Human,” Cole Arthur Riley reminds us that our relationship with the Spirit is a mindful one. 

The book is full of prayers and reflections to maintain our well-being. Here are a few. 

“Show us what it means to be people of deep and abiding reverence for the beauty and connectedness of everything everywhere.” 

Mindfulness invites us to connect with ourselves and each other rather than focusing on individuality. What are your favorite ways of connecting with people? 

“Every effort to diminish the worth of another has only distanced us from the truth of our own dignity. Forgive us. And remind us of who we are.” 

We strengthen our dignity when we practice compassion for one another. What does communication in our community rooted in compassion look like? 

“Help us to realign or find work that we can both honor and be honored by.” 

Centering Black liberation honors our divine existence. What would happen if our spiritual work created true acceptance and safety?

We’re responsible for questioning and rejecting all systems that deny us connections with our communities. What can you do to extend yourself to others, even when you feel left out or unseen?

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