Pay Attention To Your Dreams, It Can Be Where God Dwells

Her bedroom was pitch black. She could hear the sounds of the night. Her eyes grew heavy as she sank deeply into a dream space where God waited for her.

Pay Attention To Your Dreams, It Can Be Where God Dwells
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“When there is a prophet among you, I, the LORD, reveal myself to them in visions, I speak to them in dreams.” - Numbers 12:6.

Throughout the Bible there are stories of God using dreams to communicate with those struggling within their spiritual journey. Historically, many of our great freedom fighters received messages from God in their dreams.

Harriet Tubman’s divine dreams told her how to escape. Nat Turner looked to dreams and nature as he planned his revolt.

MLK’s dreams guided him until the end, even when they informed him his death was near.

With anti-Blackness appropriating and infiltrating most of our physical spaces, our dream space is one of the last sacred spaces we have.

Do you pay attention to your dreams? Do specific patterns or images present within your dreams?

Try keeping a dream journal. When you wake up instead of reaching for your phone, reach for your dream journal so that ideas and images from the dream space remain fresh.

Anti-Blackness is a nightmare, which is why Black liberation MUST start in the dream space.

Share your dreams with God and see how they manifest. Listen to the messages God or Orishas send you in your dreams and work to allow them to transform you.

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