Our Power Lies In Our Protest. Our Protest Is Rooted In Faith

“By oppression and judgment he was taken away. Yet who of his generation protested?” – Isaiah 53:7. Often we wait for leaders to guide us in our protest efforts, but we are all capable leaders. Our power lies in our protest. Our protest is rooted in faith.

Our Power Lies In Our Protest. Our Protest Is Rooted In Faith
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Effective protests depend on organizers with diverse skill sets and lived experiences. If we’re wondering what our protest role or leadership style is, we can begin by listing our positive qualities, talents, or the experiences that shaped us.

Spirit has imbued each of us with a unique gift, meaning we all have something to contribute to our resistance efforts.

Once we identify our roles, we can begin researching local leaders, and organizations that align with our roles. Unity begins in community, and it will always be community that keeps us safe.

Establishing community takes time, but while doing that we’re building the foundation for our long-term protesting efforts

We can use tools like “Plan A Protest” to craft a long-term strategy. Many of the successful Civil Rights protests lasted months if not years. 

Anti-Blackness works to diminish hope, so we must root our long-term efforts in something stronger: faith. And then we must put our faith into action

Historically, many protests were organized, funded, or protected by our faith groups and spiritual leaders. But anti-Blackness is a large system; no one organization, leader, or faith group can take it down single handedly. 

It’s going to require each of us to show up for our roles, organize, and protest with faith. 

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