Our Liberation Depends On Reshaping The Future Like This

Change is inevitable, but when we embrace it as a truth of life, we are empowered to take action toward making necessary changes. The best part is God is on our side, helping reshape everything around us.

Our Liberation Depends On Reshaping The Future Like This
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 Black Liberation Theology knows God stands in the trenches, participating in our liberation struggle. He has always been on our side.

Afrofuturism encourages embracing change and reshaping reality. With Black Liberation Theology, they’re powerful, calling us to take action and to see our liberation dreams come to fruition. 

In Parable of the Sower, Afrofuturist novelist Octavia Butler created the Earthseed belief system to remind us of the inevitability of change. When we embrace change, we see God as a change agent, empowering us to adjust and be flexible. 

Black Liberation Theology teaches that taking our freedom by any means is no sin. We can't wait until death to get free; freedom can be ours now. We're God-beings who co-conspire with the Most High to make liberation a reality. 

Our everyday actions can reshape the current world into the one we deserve. 

Butler's Earthseed community exemplifies the importance of leaning on each other to build anew. Trust and dedication sustain us enough to "take root among the stars." God wants a liberated future where everything around us is new, and we must build it together. 

We can build a new world for our people in partnership with God. What actions will you take to help us get there?

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