Our Dreams Are A Sacred Space To Commune With God

When you think about fighting against injustice, what’s the first thing that comes to mind? How about rest? Rest is actually some of our most crucial liberation work because it is during rest that we dream.We are all worthy of rest and following our dreams.

Our Dreams Are A Sacred Space To Commune With God
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Ancient Egyptians believed sleep was medicine. They practiced dream interpretation, sleep therapy, and erected sleep temples dedicated to communicating with their gods. 

South Africa’s Xhosa diviners were known as the “house of dreams.” They, too, used their dream space to commune with Spirit. How can we access this dream space? 

Psychologist Augustine Nwoye studied dream theory from an African worldview, concluding that we can indeed enter three dream states while sleeping.  There are three dream states and they appear in our history. 

The first is individual-centric. These dreams reflect our personal concerns, well-being, and lived experiences. Triangulation dream states are where our dreams reflect our concerns for the well-being of others. These are intuitive and can serve as warnings. Finally, transcendental dream states are highly spiritual. These are where God or spirit guides initiate communication with us, passing on messages, prophecies, or tools for healing. 

Harriet Tubman, Martin Luther King Jr, Nat Turner, Kimpa Vita, and Simon Kimbangu were spiritual leaders who were divinely led to fight for Black liberation. They may have lived in different times, but they all connected with God in the same spiritual space: their dreams. 

Black dream space is one safe space for our spirits and radical imagination. What can our dream space teach us about building liberated futures? 

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