Magic Flows Through Us, Teaching Us How To Get Free

Our greatest superpower is our ability to ignore our haters and let our magic shine. Haters gonna hate, so we might as well let our magic flow and create our own freedom, like Tituba did. Because Tituba really was THAT witch.

Magic Flows Through Us, Teaching Us How To Get Free
Via Wikimedia Commons

An enslaved Guyanese Obeah woman, Tituba who practiced “black magic” caused an uproar in Salem, Massachusetts. It started in 1692 when a group of foolish girls cast a spell that went horribly wrong. 

Scared of punishment, they accused Tituba of bewitching them. Tituba was beaten and forced to confess to practicing witchcraft. But her confession soon proved why some people have no business playing with “black magic.” 

Tituba’s confession lasted two days. Her frightening tale of signing the devil’s book and flying through the air on a pole sent Salem’s authorities on a frenzied witch hunt. By the end of the Salem Witch Trials in 1693, hundreds of townspeople had been accused of witchcraft and 25 had died in prison or been hanged

But what happened to Tituba? 

She admitted she’d confessed only to save herself. She was thrown in jail.

After 13 months, Tituba disappeared.  While we might never know how she escaped, she will forever go down in history as the witch who hoodwinked Salem.

Our haters will always fear our magic. LET THEM HATE. Even when they stir the pot, they have no power over us. Their fear exposes their ridiculous ways.

Tituba was THAT witch. Like her, our greatest magic is keeping our haters guessing and saving our real powers for achieving our own liberation.

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