How To Manifest For Your Most Liberated Future

Just like what you pay attention to grows, what you say and think becomes reality. If you want something to happen in the future you have to start creating it with words and thoughts now. Here’s how.

How To Manifest For Your Most Liberated Future
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#1: Set The Space

Dedicate a space in your home where you can sit with your thoughts. Light candles, incense, or burn sage to cleanse the space. Place empowering items nearby.

If you feel called to do so, welcome God, your benevolent ancestors, or other spirit guides into the space.

#2: Be Clear

Close your eyes and breathe. Begin thinking about what you’re wanting to manifest. Start with a clear intention, and fantasize from there.

Pay attention to how your body feels. If you feel anxious about how you’re going to make your manifestations actually happen, keep breathing and remind yourself that everything meant for you is coming.

#3: Tap Into Abundance

Anti-Blackness wants us to feel that we aren’t deserving of abundant freedom. Lies!

Dream big. Say your manifestations out loud or write them down repeatedly until you feel in your spirit you’re deserving of what you’re asking for.

Manifesting attracts what we’ve already aligned ourselves with. Many enslaved runaways manifested their freedom by first thinking and believing that they were worthy of freedom long before they escaped.

Manifesting moves us towards our purpose. Eventually that motion becomes an unstoppable force.

Your ancestors believe in you. We believe in you. The question is, do you believe in yourself?

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