How To Love The Negativity Out Of Your Life

Do you ever feel uneasy, like you’re restless and all over the place? It may be that you need to take a moment to turn the negative energy around you into more positive vibes. You deserve to feel more pulled together. Here’s how you practice making that happen.

How To Love The Negativity Out Of Your Life
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Step 1: Calcination   

To begin the process you first must let go and allow yourself to exist exactly how you are in this moment.  Calcination is the process of detaching ourselves from capitalist desires and social hierarchies that box us into fixed identities rooted in ego. Calcination asks us to release preconceived notions surrounding identity to begin our spiritual transformation.

Step 2: Dissolution

Releasing includes facing parts of ourselves we’re afraid to explore. Dissolution asks us to break down the protective walls we’ve built around ourselves.  Take a deep breath and let go. Keep doing this until you feel safe.

Step 3: Separation

In the separation stage we divorce ourselves from old habits, patterns, and triggers that ultimately limit our growth.  Start small. What patterns do you notice that make you feel negative about yourself?

Step 4: Conjunction 

Conjunction is where the results of calcination, dissolution, and separation come together. Here we identify which parts of ourselves remain after we’ve detached ourselves from ego. This is the beginning of our authentic self and spiritual path. Remember God made you with love and care, so try your best to cherish yourself.

Step 5: Fermentation 

Fermentation is when we embrace the decomposition of our past self, simultaneously rejoicing in the rebirth of our authentic self. In this stage, our phoenix rises from the ashes.  Leaving behind a hurtful past or an old habit can make us afraid. Take a moment to congratulate yourself for small wins.

Step 6: Distillation 

Distillation brings the liberation of our spirit. Instead of hearing the voice of ego, we hear the voice of our soul as our unconscious and conscious selves merge. 

We make conscious decisions that honor this merging. 

Step 7: Coagulation 

In this final stage, our higher self takes shape and we move forward in this new existence. 

A tip to remember is that these steps can happen together or out of order. There’s no wrong way to hold sacred space for yourself. The main thing to know is that negative energy can never overcome the power of love.  So love on!

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