How To Live So Fearlessly, You Go Out Like A Meteor

Audre Lorde’s fight against cancer reminds us life is short. It's hard not to fear death, but we can still find ways to live our lives fully. Here are three steps you can take to start living fearlessly.

How To Live So Fearlessly, You Go Out Like A Meteor
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 Near her 50th birthday, writer Audre Lorde learned she had liver cancer. Refusing surgery, she fought for her life differently: she lived it fearlessly. Here are three steps you can take to start living a fearless life. 

Don't Assume The Worst 

It's human to consider the worst-case scenario, but these thoughts lead to anxiety and unnecessary stress, which can cloud decision-making. 

Close your eyes and recall a time when you expected the worst. What happened? Now, reframe the situation to assume a positive outcome instead. 

Embrace The Present 

Many know what it's like to be tangled in the past or dreading the future. Those states of mind keep us from enjoying the present. Through mind-body connection practices, like meditating or expressing gratitude, you can learn to embrace the present and live without dwelling on what's already happened or dreading what might happen. 

Follow Your Curiosity 

We all have God-given talents, but sometimes they're buried under our  biggest questions. Curiosity gives us the confidence to let go of fear. Follow your curiosity through books and films, food, human communication, or trying new hobbies. 

Ask yourself what brings you joy and how it adds to the impact you want to have on your community. 

Death waits for no one. Have the courage to take the assignment God sent you here to do seriously. Then, go out like a meteor. 

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