How To Create Your Own Gris-Gris Bag For Abundance and Protection

God already protects us, but a little extra protection never hurts. Gris-gris bags are the perfect spiritual protection we can always carry with us. A West African practice preserved by our root working ancestors, these bags will keep you in your bag. Here’s how to create your own.

How To Create Your Own Gris-Gris Bag For Abundance and Protection
Via Wikimedia Commons

Gris-gris bags were small pouches made and sold by rootworkers to protect the wearer or bring them luck. 

Gris-gris bags were filled with charms, herbs, and especially roots.  To make your own start with a small pouch and the intentions for what you wish to achieve.

Placing the ashes of Galangal root in one’s gris-gris was historically popular for protection against anti-Blackness in courtrooms. 

High John the Conqueror root is still popular in rootwork. Putting High John in our gris-gris bag attracts wealth, abundance, luck, and removes all obstacles from our path. 

Dandelion root calls upon ancestors and protects us from spiritual attacks. Similarly, hibiscus root helps us to call upon the ancestors and spirit guides who want to see us win.

Chamomile neutralizes spells cast against us and is great for sleep cycles. Fennel root makes us feel courageous and also keeps our home safe. 

While roots and herbs are common ingredients in gris-gris bags, they can also contain other kinds of items. 

Different beans and shells, as does soil, bring their own magic to gris-gris bags. For example,  Black beans, red beans and black-eyed peas bring peace, patience and self control, respectively. Graveyard soil blessed with holy water is especially sacred.

What would you put in your Gris-Gris bag? Even if carrying one isn’t your style, these pouches remind us that protecting our energy is spiritual self-care that takes intention and effort. 

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