How Faith And Good Juju Can Create A Master Healing Combo

Our ancestors were shamed for their healing practices, their medicines called “The Devil.” But he reminds us that our ancestral spiritual practices are rooted in faith. Guided by God, he used good juju to heal. And we can too. Isn’t it time we get back to our roots?

How Faith And Good Juju Can Create A Master Healing Combo
Via Wikimedia Commons

Hoodoo doctor James "Jim" Jordan grew up in North Carolina. Formerly enslaved, Jordan’s father founded the Mill Neck Baptist Church. His mother was a rootworker

His Baptist upbringing was mixed with herbal wisdom and ancestral folklore. Jordan took these teachings and performed miracles.

He revived the dying and healed debilitating injuries. He used goofer dust, a popular hoodoo powder, to block evil and manifest luck. 

Clients drove and flew from all parts of the country to receive Jordan’s blessings. Most were in awe of him, but others feared him. Had he sold his soul to the Devil? 

Jordan stated, “I never joined forces with 'Ole Satan' instead 'walked beside the Lord.” Faith guided Jordan’s spiritual work, just like it had his family. 

Many of Jordan’s relatives were both church leaders and hoodoo practitioners, something that was actually common among conjure doctors

Western medicine weaponized our ancestral practices, calling them the “Devil’s work.” 

Western medicine doesn't want us to connect to the ancestral wisdom Dr. Jordan possessed. It has become another capitalist industry, and rootwork poses a direct threat to its bottom line. 

Dr. Jordan practiced medicine for 50 years, opening his doors to hundreds of patients. His legacy reminds us that our ancestral practices are aligned with Spirit. 

Which Afro-Diasporic practice could support you in doing God’s work?

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