He Reminds Us Black Liberation Is Possible When We're Devoted To Spirit

Sometimes, it’s easy to give up, especially when it seems like what we’re working for is too out of reach or like God isn’t hearing our prayers. But this story reminds us that not only does God hear us, but he is with us, too, even in our times of struggle.

He Reminds Us Black Liberation Is Possible When We're Devoted To Spirit
Via Wikimedia Commons

The Book of Daniel shows Daniel as a man of purpose, prayer, and prophecy.  His surviving the lions’ den is one such story. 

As a favored administrator to King Darius, other members of the King’s men were jealous of Daniel. Seeking to overthrow Daniel, their strategies turned blasphemous. 

The King’s men tricked King Darius into passing a decree stating only the King could be worshiped. Not even God could be prayed to. 

Daniel continued praying to God. The King’s men caught him and threw him into the lions’ den.

To their surprise, Daniel emerged from the den unscathed. Daniel’s devotion to God had protected him. 

Enraged by their treachery, King Darius threw his corrupt followers into the lions’ den where they were devoured. 

The “lions’ den” is metaphoric for anti-Black systems like the prison industrial complex, or  capitalism that encourages us to value profit over people. These systems are violent and oppressive. 

It’s easy to lose hope living in a system that continuously attempts to destroy us. In these moments, we must lean on God the most

Refusing to let anti-Blackness diminish our faith is another form of resistance. Our spirits are what deliver us from the lions’ den time and again. No matter what the world throws at us, we must never allow ourselves to stop fighting for the liberation that is rightfully ours. God is with us.

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